The Alternative To Boredom: THE Life

boredSomeone once said that the most terrifying thing in life is to do anything for the last time. –I’ve always wanted to know how you can tell if it is the last time? *Maybe you could come up with something specific like Lady Gaga, “Love is the most terrifying thing in life.”

I think there is something more terrifying than roller coasters, parachuting, or any other thrill-inducing experience that you might have. I think one of the most terrifying things in the world is boredom. It is doing the same things over and over again, with the same people, in the same places, in the same old ways. Sameness results in boredom. Dullness. Weariness. Tedium. Doldrums. “Dead calm.”

By Pastor Rick

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Alpha Film Series – Inspiring stories and interviews around the world

alpha1The Alpha Film Series is an updated, relevant and engaging resource designed to take the audience on an epic journey exploring the basics of the Christian faith.

Reimagined for a new generation, the Alpha Film Series is emotive, engaging and epic in scale and scope. Nicky Gumbel and two new presenters, Toby Flint and Gemma Hunt, walk us through the regular Alpha material in a way that everyone can relate to.

The episodes feature inspiring stories and interviews from all around the world, as well as visual illustrations and motion graphics.

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AIT Christian Fellowship Overview

aitcf-overviewThe AIT Christian Fellowship is an evangelical, inter denominational, self-governing, and non-profit organization; free from external control; and is not affiliated with any organization either from within or outside AIT. Its purpose is to help fulfill the great commission as commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ. (Matt. 28:19-20) through evangelism and discipleship; fellowship and missions; and prayers.

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Sermon – Walking With due Care and Attention

walking1 John 4:1-6 – We need to take care how we walk spiritually just as we do physically, because walking can be hazardous to your health if you are not alert.  Recently, I was saddened to hear that a Philippine Christian who attended my church and my Bible study was tragically killed in Bangkok as he crossed a busy road.  Bangkok is definitely hazardous for pedestrians.

By: Brother Bob Gosling

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Sermon – Strange Encounter at the Jabbok River

jabbok river2Gen 32: 22-32 – We are in January 2013. January, in case you didn’t know, takes its name from the Roman god Janus, who was the god of beginnings and transitions. He was represented with two faces, one facing back and the other forward. Typically, his representation was put above doorways. This January sees a transition from 2012 to 2013 and marks a new beginning in our lives.

By: Bro Bob Gosling

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Sermon – All Change at Bethel

bibleGen 28: 10-22 – Jacob’s encounter with I AM at Bethel presents us with a kind of case study of how God causes a person to change his thinking and direction in life. It provides us with a pattern of how he works to change a person’s will. The will is “the mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action.” In the OT, the will is usually represented by the “heart,” as the center of a person’s inner being. Changing a person’s “heart” or will is no easy thing because of its inherent inclination away from God and goodness ( Gen 6:5).

By: Brother Bob Gosling

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Sermon – Spiritual or Material Wealth?

spiritual wealthMatt 19: 16-26 – Our text today concerns a rich young Jewish man – a “ruler’ as Luke calls him — who had a pressing question for Jesus. Whether he was one of the super rich of his day we cannot say, but the gospel account indicates that he certainly had an impressive amount of wealth. His wealth, which clearly made him prominent and recognizable in the community, was probably based on his family’s lands and property, perhaps coupled with trade or agricultural interests. Unlike many of the rapacious, greedy rich folk around, he was evidently a man who took his religion seriously.

By: Brother Bob Gosling

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