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2018/02/15 17:00:00

I was raised in a christian family but came to know Christ in my 20’s. Since then I’m not the same anymore. I have been in Thailand since August 2014 and came to know about AITCF through my cousin. Now it’s been 2 years in AITCF. For me AITCF means change forever in Christ. My life is changed through AITCF. Working for God . I believe in Phil 1:29. Our job is not only to enjoy in Christ but also to suffer for him.

AITCF was my family away from home. It’s where I learned to have a deeper relationship with the Lord and experience the uniqueness of worshiping the Lord with people from different tongues. It’s where I met “The One” and where we got married as well. Thank God for AITCF.

I strongly believe the lord is taking control of every situation. I missed the AITCF fellowship… but being home after my studies to join the family was the best thing at that moment and to God be All Glory. I will always live to remember the rewarding experience I had while attending the AITCF and the spiritual upliftment are unquantifiable.
AITCF, the place where God directed my path, attended, when I first landed in 2002 Thailand, instrumental, made great things for me and also to other people whom I brought and received Jesus, Lord of their lives, The place where God sent different pastors/evangelists missionaries which look like bible school in itsef. Glory to God!
I love AITCF. This fellowship trained me to be prayerful and evangelistic. Attending the fellowship activities drew me close and renew my faith in Christ Jesus in everyday life.  The experience of AITCF family love is more lot to me, it is unforgettable moments spending time in serving the Lord together. I do experience that being a Christ members, should treat well our friends, family and colleague with our sincerity. I praise God that His fellowship exist in AIT for those whose are hunger for Christ and serve Him.
Chathurvedh Dandre (India)
Khine Lagrosa (Myanmar)
Baraya Abdu Ishaku (Nigeria)
Ramon Rivera (Philippines)
Khangamlung Kamei (India)

We are a mixture of different nationalities and cultures

The AIT Christian Fellowship is an evangelical, inter denominational, self-governing, and non-profit organization; free from external control; and is not affiliated with any organization either from within or outside AIT. Its purpose is to help fulfill the great commission as commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ. (Matt. 28:19-20) through evangelism and discipleship; fellowship and missions; and prayers.

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